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Do you verify checks for us?
All checks entered are screened by multiple national check databases for positive or negative account information, as well as check level status.

We verify if the account exists, is closed, currently in a NSF status, or has other high risk issues. We also check a national database of check writers to ensure your client is not bouncing checks all over the place, or that they do not have unpaid NSF fees with companies and banks.

Green does not just give a blanket yes or no answer when processing a check. If the check is a maybe we will provide you with the reasons why there is a risk and ask you whether or not you wish to proceed with the check process.

Green is the only processor of our kind to offer this yes, no, or maybe setup on your behalf. This allows you to decide, based on the risk at hand, or to charge clients you know may have past issues, but are currently in good standing with your company. This is huge when 99.9% of the processors on the market simply say no, when you know it is going to clear. We leave the choice up to you. And you can even override a no answer if you feel lucky.

Is This Legal?
Checks by phone is offered by nearly all of the fortune 500 companies and has been for over ten years now. All you have to do is call a few credit card, utility companies, or government agencies to find out most of them accept check by phone without a signature. We use a time tested system to get you your money fast. And YES, it is within the law for you to accept check by phone from your clients.

Can I Trust You With My Checking Account?
We are a real corporation. Look us up (Green By Phone, Inc. in the state of Georgia) at We use security encrypted servers to process the data you enter, as well as Microsoft security encryption on all of our software, a fully secured state of the art data center including 24-hour live monitoring. We take your information VERY SERIOUSLY. No unauthorized person is going to get their hands on your data. PERIOD.

If you are worried about giving a new service your checking account information you can ask your bank for a second checking account. Most banks will do this free of charge. If you are worried about our service we understand. There is plenty of fraud going around to ask questions of any new company you come across. You can setup and use this new account with your bank to test us out and see if we work for you. Then you can change the deposit account at any time you wish, or keep the new account just for our services.

How Fast Will the Checks Hit My Bank Account?

We are the only processor of our kind that offers SAME DAY DEPOSITS to most major banks. If you do not have an account at one of our Same Day Deposit institutions the average time from receipt of information to the actual deposit showing on your account is 1-5 banking days. All checks received before 10am (Eastern Time Zone) Monday through Friday are processed same day. All checks received after 10am ET are processed the next banking day. Friday after 10am ET will be processed with the Monday morning batch, which is considered Monday before 10am ET.

Can I Process Any Amount?
We can process checks of any amount up to $25,000.00 in U.S. funds.

Can I Convert a Real Check?
Yes, you can convert a check you have received by fax or mail into an electronic check. With gas prices so high and time so short many companies are turning to Green to electronically process their checks they receive every day. It saves time, money, and precious natural resources.

If I Receive a Check in the Mail Can I Change the Name on the Check and Process it?
No. It is not legal to change the name on a check that was mailed to you. It does not matter for what purpose. You may contact your client and ask them to mail or fax a new copy to you, and then you can turn it into an electronic debit.

How Do You Protect Us Against Fraud?
Green uses state of the art technology and old-age practices to keep your information safe. Our site is secure and uses modern encryption to process every entry. We take every precaution to make sure that your information remains secure. However, we can not guarantee that someone on your end will not take advantage of you. Make sure that all of your information is kept secure, like checkbooks and access to sensitive company data. Make sure that only trusted family members and employees have access to PO Boxes, Computers, Safe and Safe Deposit boxes, and bank account data.

Is Green American Owned?
Not only are we 100% American owned and operated, we do not out-source our software programming or customer service. Everything is handled in-house by people who actually care about what they do.

How Can I Get Same Day Deposits?
If you are with a bank on our same day deposit list you can receive same day deposits, which is the fastest processing in the entire Merchant Processing industry. It is likely that you couldn't get the money there faster if you drove to the bank and began the wire process!!! Click here to see a list of our same day and next day deposit banks.

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