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* 4 Ways to Fund Your Card.

* No checking account required!

* Accepted everywhere you see the MasterCard logo.

* No additional monthly fees. 

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* Choose your credit limit from $300 to $2500*

* Rush Shipping Available for your Free Prepaid card
How it works...

Need a to build your credit but cannot get approved for a credit card because of bad credit or no credit history? It may be possible to get a credit card regardless of your credit history. 

A Secured Account requires a cash collateral deposit that becomes the credit line for that account. For example, if you put $500 in the account; you can charge up to $500. You may be able to add to the deposit to add more credit.

Applying for a Secured Account is a good idea if you have had problems obtaining an unsecured credit card.

Applying for a Secured Account is easy and can help build credit by reporting your account activity to the major credit bureaus. You can build, rebuild, or reestablish your credit history if you make on-time minimum payments and maintain your account balances below the credit limits.

It is important to keep in mind that a Secured Account works like a credit card, not a debit card. If full payments are not made each month, some interest can be charged on the outstanding balance. We use the security money to pay off the debt only as a last resort. Even though the card is secured, it is still possible to damage credit.

So, you may be asking why bother with a credit card at all, if you have to have the cash available to fund your secured credit card. In our modern times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do certain things without having access to a credit card. Have you ever tried renting a car or purchasing an airplane ticket without a credit card? Ever tried booking a hotel room without a credit card?

Secured Account works in the same manner as a checking account debit card, however, there is no actual checking or savings account associated with the card.

You make a deposit to your Secured Account, and that becomes your spending limit. When you have made purchases that reach the amount of money you deposited, you have to deposit more money in order to continue using your account.

Advantages of using a Secured Account.

Other than the obvious advantage of not spending more money than you actually have, include the fact that almost anyone is eligible to obtain a secured Safe Account

Regardless of your personal financial history and credit score, you can make a deposit and obtain a Secured Account.

The only actual requirement to be approved for a Secured Account is you must be of legal age and have money to deposit on Your account.

Other advantages of a Secured Account versus a traditional credit card are that you are not charged an annual percentage rate on the amount that you deposit, and you can have your paycheck deposited directly onto a Secured Account in many instances.

A traditional credit card will smother you with interest rates, late fees and finance charges over time, and you'll end up paying two to three times what you've actually charged to the card!

With a Secured Account, you know exactly how much you're paying for an item. Secured cards allow you to make purchases online when you would not be able to if you didn't have a traditional credit card.

A Secured Account may be the best option for your needs. They allow you to travel conveniently, make purchases by phone or the Internet, and without the dangers of falling into financial desperation!

If you can squirrel away, with at least, the $300 needed for a security deposit, it's likely that you can get a Secured Account , which will help you

Establish Credit

If you've never had a credit card, Secured Account are a good first step in building credit. "A secured account is most useful for the person starting out on their credit history," explains Dr. Jerry Plummer, an economics professor at Austin Peay State University, "since it says that the person is willing to take the extra step to establish credit."

Reestablish Credit

If your credit history is damaged (Dr. Manning estimates that 60 million U.S. consumers have bad credit), you might not be able to qualify for a traditional card. But you'll probably be able to qualify for a Secured Account. Generally, you won't be able to get a secured card until the bankruptcy has been discharged but you can have a Secured Account.

Gain built-in debt protection

Was excessive spending partly to blame for your bad credit? A Secured Account can act as a safeguard, making it harder for you to get in over your head again. You'll know that your credit is secured with your own money. If your account becomes delinquent, it will likely be closed and your security deposit will be seized. Knowing this will help safeguard you from racking up more card debt.

Avoid sub-prime or fee-harvesting credit cards.

These cards are known for gouging and preying on people with bad or no credit. The fees on sub-prime cards can easily total $200 to $300 in just the first year, which is about the size of the credit lines they offer. Don't fall for a sub-prime card and have almost all of your credit line eaten up by fees. The issuer is the only one who benefits from these cards! Don't way and apply for Your Secured Account

Who is Paytoo?

Paytoo is the Brand or Paytoo Corp, and PaytooSafe is a service offered by Paymotech Finance Corp, a Financial regulated company registered in Florida, fully owned by Paytoo Corp.

What is a Secured Account?

A Secured Account is not a credit card but like any other secured credit card, it requires a security deposit that is held as collateral for your account. This security deposit does not earn interest. As a Account holder, your status is automatically reported to the three major credit bureaus. You may earn credit line increases based on your payment and credit history-with no additional security deposit required. As an added benefit of this account, you can track your credit with enrollment in any credit bureau report agencies, a service that provides you access to your credit score as well as credit tools and information.

How does the Secured Account work?

Once you're approved, all it takes to get started is a minimum, refundable security deposit, which you can make at once or over time. You can make your security deposit online or over the phone. When you've made your minimum-security deposit, your account will be open and your Paytoo card will be sent to you with a minimum credit line of $300 available on your new account. If you want to increase your credit line, simply deposit more than your minimum-security deposit and your line will increase equal to your additional deposit up to your maximum approved credit line. You can do this now or over time.

Your card status will automatically be reported to the three major credit bureaus. Based on your payment and credit history, you may qualify for a future credit line increase with no additional security deposit needed.
How is our Secured Account different from a prepaid card?

A Secured Account is not a credit card but will work like a credit card. We report payment information to the three major credit bureaus-providing the opportunity to build your credit with responsible use. Missing payments may hurt your credit score. Prepaid cards are not like secured credit cards. Prepaid cards are more like debit cards. Since they do not report to the major credit bureaus, prepaid cards cannot help you build your credit.

Will my security deposit ear interest?

At this time, the security deposit does not earn interest. However, the NO cost of the Secured Account outweighs the little interest that could be earned on the deposit.

Can I withdraw money from my account without lowering my credit limit?

Since this account acts as a security deposit for your Secured Account, you may not withdraw funds from it.

However, you may take a cash advance using your Prepaid Card according to the terms of the Cardholder Agreement.

Will my account ever become unsecured?

This account will stay secured by your deposit as long as you have an active account

Once your account is opened, our Customer Service Center is available 24/7
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